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Self Moving Service

Self Moving Service

If you are planning to move, we at will help you find the most efficient self service moving companies in Missouri. You can compare the services and prices of the most reputed self service movers, without having to leave your home. We offer this free service without any obligations and you can use one of them or any other self moving service of your choice.

When you are planning your move, you can either employ a professional moving company to pack your belongings or choose to pack up everything yourself, load it on a rented truck and get ready for a long and tiring drive.

Usually, full-service moving companies are more expensive than self service movers, which in turn are slightly more expensive than using
a Truck Rental. If neither of these options appeals to you, there is a third option that you can consider.

Self serve moving makes a lot of sense and it has become very popular. If you decide to make a self service move, you can do the packing yourself and the self moving service will deliver your belongings to your new home.

If you consider tolls, fuel and other expenses, a self service move may work out to be the cheapest of the three options.

Once you have made arrangements with a self serve moving company, they will send one or more weather-resistant crates to your home. You can pack your possessions and lock up the crate or crates. The self moving service will collect the crates and deliver them to your new home, where you can unpack.

The average crate used by self moving services has a capacity of 3000 lbs, though the sizes of crates may vary from company to company. Instead of crates, some self moving services will drive a 28-foot trailer to your home and allow you to use as much space as you need. You can pay for the linear feet you use.

With self moving services your belongings are usually packed in crates and they are less likely to be damaged, lost or mixed-up with other goods. You don’t have to worry about your rental or your truck breaking down. Some insurance coverage is included in the price and more is available if you are moving valuables.

If you use a full-service move, you will have to pay the hourly charges of the crew that packs and stacks your belongings. With a self service move you can avoid these charges.

To find the best self service moving companies in Missouri, please take five minutes to fill out our short form now. The most highly rated companies will revert to you within two business days. You can compare their offers and make a choice, without having to make a call or step out of your home.

This service is provided for free and without any obligations. We will never reveal your personal details to anyone, without your consent.